Rádio Quântica celebrates 5 years with brand new site launch and resident live stream


Radio Quântica, an online community radio founded in Lisbon in 2015, serving as a platform and open meeting point for artists, activists and cultural agitators from all backgrounds, turns 5 on November 1st.

To mark the date and one more milestone for this ever growing project, anew site that reflects a new step in its evolution will be launched. Among the new features there’s an area dedicated to the artists and their respective shows, news and events pages, a live chat open to all listeners, and a section dedicated to Quantica’s most recent branch – the homonymous label, which already produced 4 releases, including two compilations that bring together an eclectic mix of underground artists. Furthermore, it will also be possible to support Radio Quântica through a merch shop and a donation page.

In celebration of the birthday and the launch for the new and improved site, Quântica will host an event (pandemic-appropriate), consisting of a livestream with 12 hours of constant music, live via Twitch and Instagram, from RuadasGaivotas6 – the cultural space where the studio that serves as the radio’s epicentre is located.

Radio Quântica is a non-profit, inclusive, and community based project, being its main goal the braving of new paths for an emergent generation of collectives, artists and labels on the musical vanguard landscape, operating in the blindspots of mainstream music media outlets. Presently, the programming runs about 100 authored shows, over 170 resident artists, with content as varied as soundtracks, noise/ambient, experimental, electronic, funk, hip hop, rock, soul, performative arts and talk shows – each program also inviting national and international guests regularly.

The birthday+site launch live stream takes place on November 1st, from 12h to 00h, on Instagram and Twitch.

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